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وظيفة كتابة محتوى متنوع على صفحات المواقع والفيس بوك لوكالة متخصصة

وظيفة كتابة محتوى

مقدم الوظيفة: وكالة للمحتوى والاتصالات.
نبذة عن مقدم الوظيفة: الوكالة تخدم مجموعة متنوعة من العملاء المختلفين وتخطط لتنفيذ حملة تسويق رقمية لتسويق خدمات الشركة المتنوعة.
المطلوب تنفيذه: نطلب من كاتب نسخة للصفحة المقصودة من ذوي الخبرة أن نكتب نسخة جذابة لصفحاتنا المقصودة،سنقدم السيناريوهات المختلفة للصفحات المقصودة وستعمل الوكالة مع كاتب المحتوى لجعلها جذابة بما يكفي لتوليد العملاء المحتملين والنقرات.

نوعية العمل بالوظيفة: أونلاين
المبلغ المرصود لهذه الوظيفة: 700 دولار أمريكى
كيفية التسجيل لهذه الوظيفة: إضغط هنا الآن وإقرأ شروط الوظيفة وسجل للتقدم اليها

وظائف متاحة للعمل

Work Opportunities

ITS Engineer - Parsons International Limited

-ITS Engineer will provide supervision of systems design input, specification interpretation, deployment, testing and integration of traffic system components, such as RVDS, Bluetooth, -CCTV cameras, Dynamic message signs and ITS component related installation.
-Review and approve integration and systems test plans.
-Review and recommend to Sr ITS Specialist for approval of FSDD.
-Ensure the Contractor’s compliance with the Contract Documents.
-Ensure all workmanship and materials are inspected.
-Ensure coordination with other Contractors.
-Review and approve the Contractor’s shop drawings.
-Support RE to check personnel, equipment and material costs for all Variation Orders and -Change Orders required under the terms of the Contract.
-Inspect safety conditions and inform the Contractor of construction safety violations and follow up action to be taken.
-Attend all ITS related meetings, and prepare written minutes for distribution.
-Review correspondence and prepare responses for signature.
-Provide all photographs before, during, and after construction necessary to provide adequate documentation of changes in site and adjacent structures.
-Provide a “punch list” and final inspection.
-Check and approve “as-built” drawings submitted by the Contractor and maintain a status log.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-07-20
Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Engineering
Company Industry: Engineering

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

Senior Admin Officer - Parsons International Limited

-Research and compile project information and related data, produce special or recurring reports, and complete financial and administrative tasks as assigned.
-Maintain field office budget and reconcile various accounts; pay operating bills or submit appropriate documentation to the corporate office for payment.
-Review project personnel time sheets
-Establish and maintain document archiving and retrieval systems, prioritize the flow of project reports/correspondence, and ensure that you timely handle the process and resolution of requests. This includes the Senior Construction Manager files.
-Purchase supplies and field office equipment, including vendor management
-Keep informed on project or Parsons’ document policies and procedures and will be the project’s focal point for timely dissemination of materials, documents, and other administrative duties

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-07-20
Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Administration
Company Industry: Engineering

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

Senior Document Controller - Parsons International Limited

Implements document/data management solutions with a primary focus on document control and records management. Administers data/document management applications.

Processes one or more document types through all procedural steps in accordance with well-defined procedures and guidelines. Ensures that pre-established document control requirements (e.g., which document numbering system will be used; how many and which signatures will be required for certain approvals, etc.) are satisfactorily met throughout the duration of the project.

Receives, tracks, and monitors documents using standard document management programs to register documents, maintain databases, and produces logs, transmittals, and other reports as required. Enters data and produces reports using other standard office automation or department-specific computer applications. Initiates and replies to routine correspondence related to area of responsibility.

Keeps abreast of department technologies, techniques and services relevant to area of responsibility. Works with other staff members as needed to develop and improve services. Responds to changing technology environment and participates in decision making activities relating to customers’ needs.

Provides assistance to users in capturing and locating electronic information.

Maintains an established data distribution system and schedule for the assigned project based upon client, project, department, and supplier requirements. May revise system or schedule as required to ensure timely approvals and distribution. Expedites review, signature approval, and release of supplier and internally produced documents.

Verifies retention requirements, arranges document cataloging, packing, and long-term storage or disposal of appropriate documents at time of closeout. Manages scheduled destruction of archived documents according to company and/or Client guidelines; provides assistance with document retrieval.

Assists junior document control staff to ensure effective implementation of project-specific procedures.

Serves as liaison between support group, home office and field personnel. Interfaces with groups inside and outside the organization.

Delegates and directs the work activities of project document control team.

Performs other duties commensurate with functional level and responsibilities.

Contributes as a team player who is deadline driven and works well with others.

Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-07-20
Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Information Technology
Company Industry: Engineering

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

Project Director - Parsons International Limited

 Proven ability to perform in project management capacity, methodology and processes

 Excellent written and oral communication. Responsibility for managing and positively developing relationships between stakeholders.

 Strong Technical Construction skills with thorough knowledge of industry and project management practices and regulations.

 Knowledge of current technology and its effective use on the project.

 Strong communication skills and

 Proven team leadership capabilities, team building and a motivator; Promote and foster a strong team culture; open and transparent communication within the PM project teams

 multitasking ability

 Create and deliver project work plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.

 Responsible for supervision of all consultants, Contractors and all planning/administrative staff assigned to the Project to ensure it is on schedule and within budget.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-07-20
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Engineering
Company Industry: Engineering

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

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