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وظيفة كتابة محتوى متنوع على صفحات المواقع والفيس بوك لوكالة متخصصة

وظيفة كتابة محتوى

مقدم الوظيفة: وكالة للمحتوى والاتصالات.
نبذة عن مقدم الوظيفة: الوكالة تخدم مجموعة متنوعة من العملاء المختلفين وتخطط لتنفيذ حملة تسويق رقمية لتسويق خدمات الشركة المتنوعة.
المطلوب تنفيذه: نطلب من كاتب نسخة للصفحة المقصودة من ذوي الخبرة أن نكتب نسخة جذابة لصفحاتنا المقصودة،سنقدم السيناريوهات المختلفة للصفحات المقصودة وستعمل الوكالة مع كاتب المحتوى لجعلها جذابة بما يكفي لتوليد العملاء المحتملين والنقرات.

نوعية العمل بالوظيفة: أونلاين
المبلغ المرصود لهذه الوظيفة: 700 دولار أمريكى
كيفية التسجيل لهذه الوظيفة: إضغط هنا الآن وإقرأ شروط الوظيفة وسجل للتقدم اليها

وظائف متاحة للعمل

Work Opportunities

Student Support Worker - EPG Schools

• To ensure that students display proper conduct in and out of classrooms. • Address any misbehaviour of the students. • To call on and speak with parents regarding incidents that concern the students. • To report & coordinate with the Admin staff in School and School Management regarding incidents that concerns the students. • To report to the Management any observations made to students that require more attention and immediate action. • To speak with parents regarding observations made by teachers and non-teaching staff regarding students' unusual behavior and actions. • Maintain all files on student behaviour and actions taken. • Always comply and ensure actions taken are within the Ministry of Education rules and regulations.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-01-23
Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Job Role: Support Services
Company Industry: Primary, Prep, & Secondary School

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Entry Level
Gender: Female
Nationality: United Arab Emirates; Bahrain; Djibouti; Algeria; Egypt; Iraq; Jordan; Comoros; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Morocco; Mauritania; Oman; Palestine; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Somalia; Syria; Tunisia; Yemen
Degree: Bachelor's degree

Sales Consultant and Sales Manager

Looking for flexible working hours in your Career? Unsatisfied with your current INCOME and life style?

Are you a team player?Looking for a change? Are you willing to start a serious business with a Multinational Market Leader?

We are looking for qualified, enthusiastic, coach-able and self-driven candidates to join our team and grow with us.


-Holding a Baccalaureate or equivalent degree

-25 years or older

-Lebanese nationality

should you be interested in pursuing this opportunity, kindly apply here.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-01-23
Job Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Job Role: Consulting
Company Industry: Insurance & TPA

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Nationality: Lebanon
Degree: Bachelor's degree

Arabic Teacher مدرسة لغة عربية - EPG Schools

 Recognise health and safety is a responsibility of every employee, to take reasonable care of self and others and to comply with any EPG policy and specific procedures & rules.
 Create and manage a positive, caring, supportive, purposeful and stimulating environment which is conducive to children’s learning.
 Plan and prepare lessons
 Identify clear teaching objectives and learning outcomes, with appropriate challenge and high expectations. Create a deliver learning activities which ensure that children achieve identified learning outcomes.
 Ensures all aspects of children’s work are marked meticulously and appropriate feedback is given timeously.
 Maintain good order and discipline among the children, safeguarding their health and safety.
 Organise and manage groups or individual children ensuring differentiation of learning needs, reflecting all abilities.
 Plan opportunities to develop the social, emotional and cultural aspects of children’s learning.
 Maintain a regular system of monitoring, assessment, record-keeping and reporting of children’s progress.
 Provides written and oral feedback information to parents at key times throughout the year.
 Prepare appropriate records for the transfer of children.
 Ensure effective use of support staff within the classroom, including student assistants.
 Participate in staff meetings as required. Participates throughout the Academic year (AY) in all calendar events and school activities.
 Adhere to and uphold all school policies & procedures.
 Is a part of a whole team, working collaboratively with line managers & peers.
 Ensure that EPG policies are reflected in daily practice.
 Communicate and consult with parents over all aspects of their children’s education – academic, social and emotional.
 Continue professional development, maintaining a portfolio of training undertaken.
 Support PS academic management in promoting the ethos of the branch.
Promote the welfare of children and to support the branch in safeguarding children

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-01-23
Job Location: Al Kuwait, Kuwait
Job Role: Teaching and Academics
Company Industry: Primary, Prep, & Secondary School

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Entry Level
Gender: Female
Degree: Bachelor's degree

customer service manager

The Customer Services Manager will be responsible for Quotations, Orders, and Logistics (delivery and warehousing) ensuring a seamless handover is achieved to streamline the delivery process and service to customers.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-01-23
Job Location: Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Management
Company Industry: Utilities

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Gender: Male

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